Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Economical Delusion: G20 Part II

The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable. - John Kenneth Galbraith

There is no doubt that President Barack Obama hit center stage. He looked more like a rock star, with a big smile and all. It was the Czechs, who got the worst end of the stick. However, Obama played in well with European leaders and reached a stimulus package which was too hard to resist. Was this foreseen in the US chart? Yes, if we look at the Ingress Chart of the US, we see that the V house is in Leo, the Sun is in its exaltation and in the Ascendant in a full house system, [which I prefer to use], and the V House has to do with, investments and stock exchange.

I don’t like to predict the outcome of something that has already happened, I mean that’s easy, and when in doubt, blame it on Pluto. But let’s try some predictions with what we already have.
We have seen how the stock exchange has reacted these last few days, but; Can it sustain itself with all these “stimulus packages” being offered? Well it continues to improve? I believe not, and this is where I see an economical delusion with major epic proportions.

I believe we will see a downturn, or stock crash sometime between April 12 through the 17th. This will happen because the people simply are not spending, there is no income coming in, there is no financial flow. On the other hand we will see a US much more aggressive in trying to avoid further foreclosures during the month of April. We will see the US during this same month reaching out to its enemies, and they will also try to strengthen their relationship with their allies. But to no achievement, they simply will not be able to convince others of their intentions.
As far as my predictions go, I said;

The Lunar Eclipse of February, will bring strike and protest among the people, especially in Europe and other nations during the probable month of February through June.

France was under fire during this particular month.

The Nation will feel insecure, instability and scarcity. There will be much uncertainty and prejudice among the famous and important people. We will also see scarcity of food, and all this will be seen during the beginng of March. The people will lack happiness, ill fortune and sadness will supervene the people.

No doubt here how the people have felt during these past days.

Those who have important positions will be in fear of losing it and will lose it.

GM and AIG are excellent examples of this.

Unemployment will continue to increase, and it will get much worse during the summer until September. We will see long lines of people looking for social help.

We see that unemployment continues to increase and I predict we will hit a 12% during the summer and Puerto Rico will hit an 18% to 20% by this summer.

The automobile industry will be his biggest challenge, and how to increase jobs to stimulate the economy, but only in the automobile sector will this be achieved.

Let us see what happens with this particular issue under his administration. But GM will go under.

April he will want to travel abroad and seek agreements.

G20 meeting and other travel to European Nations such as Turkey is to seek some agreements, especially support with Afghanistan.

Arrange for the upcoming May through September period, which will be apparently hard and difficult.