Sunday, March 27, 2011

Latest Predictions on Syria and England:

My 2011 Predictions on Syria and England have come about;

Power struggles come from areas such as India, Syria, and there will be major conflicts in areas such as Arabia, Germany, Russia, England and France
Syria is under strong protest and the initial economical spending cuts in England is just the beginning of what will continue to spread throughout Europe. As people continue to feel the lack of social equality, more benefits towards large corporations, and social injustice, we will continue to see an uprising of people.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

1989 Prophetic Words by Michael Lewis:

In 1989 Michael Lewis wrote an article called; “How a Tokyo Earthquake could Devestate WallStreet”. Well, we all know the story and it’s effect or the effect this will have in the economy. Just when the government mentioned that the economy was starting to get back on its feet, we get the Arab uprising with oil prices going up and out of control, and now the earthquake/tsunami, that has devastated Japan. If this was not enough, their nuclear problems.
For the last few years I have been predicting that the US economy could only get worse, and I, now more than ever, believe we are headed toward a most difficult situation.


EU: We will continue to hear about job loss. You may hear of layoffs in airlines, in the mail or anything related to transport or communications. The next six months there will be various affected sectors such as agriculture, communications, transportation, areas of health, banking and investments, we will lose or the government will stop recruiting employees in the government. We are likely to see growth amounting to 10.5% from 12% of unemployed people in the country before the year ends.

Wages in many of the companies will be frozen, or we will see pay cuts, and/or decrease in property of persons.

We will hear of the uncover of a major fraud or financial scandals.

When looking at a Mundane chart, it is most difficult to see or understand, from an emotional view point, that at this stage of our lives we will be witnessing and probably form part of such historical events. It just goes beyond on our sense of comprehension.

We can only embrace ourselves to live each day as if it were the last of our days, enjoy our lives next to our love ones, and remind our children to embrace the only thing we have sure in life, our love for each other.

For those interested, here is the article; ML_Tokyo