Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Downfall of the Presidential Administration

Never has a President had so much political influence as President Obama has. He has more political firepower than any other administration has had in more than fifty years. With both Congressional Houses, the favor of the people, and the news media supporting his views.

Than why does it seem, he is heading towards an Administration Downfall, during the following weeks?

I am not going to attempt to answer this from a political point of view, but I will try to explain it from an astrological analysis. We will look at the US Libra Ingress and assuming his birth certificate is correct, we will look at his Solar Return and his Ascension to Power.

Ascension to Power:

On June28th. I wrote about the Ascension of Obama “The Chronicle of a Future Announced – The Ascension of Obama”;

His Ascendant is Taurus and his MC Aquarius both in a fixed sign, and according to Sahl, he says;

“And if the benefics aspected the Sun, and you found the Lord of the Ascendant, and the Sun in optimal place from the Ascendant, and he, were in a fixed sign, his principate will be prolonged, and he will see what he wants in it.”

Venus is in the XI House is in an optimal place, but contrary to sect and in opposition to Saturn, and the Sun is in the X, but not strong, so we can say that he will partially achieve his goals and that his principate will not be prolonged. The Ascending sign is in a fixed sign, Venus is in her exaltation, but she losses her strength, because it is contrary to her sect, She is also in opposition to Saturn, that is very malefic. So we can judge the following;

· The First House represents the people, therefore their expectations are high, but being contrary to its sect, the people find themselves losing hope, or at least, not all is fulfilled.

· The Moon is also significator of the people, and she is in Scorpio, which is indication that the people will suffer affliction, and there will be no regard to justice or truth. There will be much anger, bitterness, and contention. Agrippa tells us that nothing should commence under a bad Moon, the Moon is peregrine, in her fall and Void of Course. But she is also decreasing in light, and Firmicus Maternus tells us that those who have wanning Moon will lose what they have accomplished in life.

· The Moon always is the significador of rustics, and it is in its fall, in the sign of Scorpio, and this is indicative that people will be in a bad state, we will see increase in taxes, and a lot of contention.

Sahl also indicates that there are eight defects or bad indications for the Moon, and one of them are;

· Second, if the Moon is in the degree of its downfall, (which is Scorpio)…, and continues to add.., These are the aforesaid defects of the Moon and her impediments, under which no work should be undertaken, (that is, while the Moon is so, any work should not be begun nor praised in a nativity nor in foreign travel).

· Saturn is in opposition to Venus and he is retrograde, and Saturn rules the X house, which represents the “King” or in this case, the President, and he moves away from the promises made to the people. The President will bring bad news to the people.

And Masha’allah also tells us that if the significator of the king is retrograde;

· “they signify the loss and weakness of the king and of the citizens of that same kingdom”

In the X House we have the Sun, which is also the significator of the President in Mundane Astrology, and he is placed in the figure of Aquarius, his detriment, and it is curious, because he is in opposition to President Obama’s sign, Leo. This is indication that he will do contrary to his nature.

The Sun is conjunct Jupiter, which indicates that the native is intelligent, that he will be well esteemed, dominant, tyrannical, and according to Dorotheus, he will achieve high rank.Mercury is also in the X House, retrograde, but in his own bounds, and Masha’Allah tells us;

“If Mercury were in his own bounds, he will be high, and will have an official position in a place where they write compositions, and he will always be spending his time on a foreign journey. He will never be a pauper, he will have a great name, and he will be a member of the court, and will seek the sciences.”

He definitely started traveling a lot to foreign lands, but being Mercury retrograde, he will lose all that he has accomplished, there will be sudden alterations, he cannot return to his virtues, and since Mercury is under the Sun, it will destroy all that has been accomplished.

Sahl tells us;

“A retrograde planet signifies disobedience and contradiction, and turning back and taking back, and diversity or discord.”

Saturn in Virgo:Saturn is not in a praiseworthy place, since it is in Virgo, retrograde and it is an indication that his administration will be corrupt, and he will be disliked by his own people. When we look at the Libra Ingress chart of 2008, Mercury, the ruler of Virgo is afflicted, conjunct Mars, and this is an indication as to how his administration will be like.

If we took the Part of Fortune, which is in XI House in Piscis, his ruler Jupiter, is combust and in aversion, and according to the ancients, the condition of people during the term of Obama will be weak and will be impotent. The exaltation of Piscis is Venus, but she is contrary to sect, and in opposition to Saturn, and this diminishes the strength of the people. So one can conclude that the people will receive during the initial half of his term, the benefits, and the later half will be malefic to the people.

If we evaluate the Lot of Spirit of the chart of his ascension, we can evaluate the intention of his thoughts, as President. Being in Cancer, its Ruler the Moon is in fall in Escorpio, in VII House of contention, which is indicative that he will be secretive, and he will have no honor in what he does, and his true intentions are corrupt. Mars is in opposition to the Lot of Spirit, which emphasizes his bad intention, and that he will have little advancement and will stay short of his expectation, and he will attract danger towards him.

The hate is quite noted, being the only President to have more than a 400% increase in death threats. The quick lost in popularity, which we have seen in polls has happened short after his first 100 days.

Saturn’s hurled rays are square to the Sun, from the X house, which announces his downfall and provoked by his open enemies who are strong in the VII house.

But here is what I had predicted in December for 2009:

“His Secretary’s will have bad luck and one that is close to him, the one of state, will be obligated to resign. But they will all suffer misfortune and will feel unlucky. [Already a few have resigned], States will reach agreements with their government employees, but the growth of government employees will come to a halt. But we will hear of possible strikes and powerful men who will be against the President."

Everything of prosperity that he seeks for his people will be denied. He will feel that he does not have the power, and this will bring sadness to him, fear, and emotionally weak.

Those who manage the finances will have great difficulty and obstacles. [Geithner has had difficulties].

If we look at President Obama’s Reuolutiones annorum, his Solar Return, which I have posted in my blog, “Obama’s Solar Return” we initially see the following;

“the governorship goes to the fifith planet, which is Mars, and governs the fifth state of the years of the native for fifteen year, according to the lesser years, and during these times, he will have difficult times, and occasionally is body will suffer, and he will have a sad spirit, and his body will feel tired, but he will work hard, and he will commence things which he should abandon, with the intention to make money, and all this will happen before his death”.

Mars, is not strong, in his VIII house in peregrine, in his natal chart.

The Sun distributing to itself and well figured produces brilliant acclamations and actions, alIiances with superiors and those who are greater, and unexpected benefits. And if it should also happen to be with benefics or should be witnessed by them, it introduces greater reputation and benefits. But lesser ones by night, or [the time] will become full of troubles, producing enmities and judgments or dreadful accusations. But if a malefic should also fall with it or testify, it bringson a diminishment of livelihood or reduction of reputation, and precarious travel abroad and enmity of the father, or danger and troubles with things.His Sun is in the VII House, and in a night chart, so we can expect that he will have many troubles and will awaken open enemies, since he has his Saturn in the XII House, and he becomes his worst enemy. He will have a reduction of his reputation and he will travel much during the year, and will be well received in foreign lands, this is because of his year of revolution, since his Sun will be in the House of his joy, and aspecting his Ascendant.

Distribution of the Moon:

“The Moon handing over to Hermes indicates a time that is effectual and easily made right in relation to female persons and alliances, and especially if it should be configured with good stars;.

His Moon is peregrine in the V House and she is found in the II House in his Reuolutiones annorum, in Capricorn, peregrine and in her detriment. And Valens continues to say when the Moon distributes to Hermes;

“..and troubles on account of money or writings or matters of calculation..

His chart clearly has emphasis on money and his reputation concerning money, since Saturn is in his X house of Reuolutiones annorum.

These concerns will commence during the last period of September, in which according to the Libra Ingress, (Imprimatur Stellarum – Libra ), the US economy will not be strong, and we will see the economical situation in the US be much graver.

“When Kronos has distributed to itself, it signifies vexations and inactivity, and enmities and disgraces from superiors or elders, and the native will become subject to hindrances in his applications; or else, if he should do something, it will be unsteady. And if it should also be contemplated by Hermes and Ares, he will suffer vexatious prosecution on account of writings, and judgments and subversion or chicanery concerned with old affairs or those pertaining to death, and treachery, and whatever he will persevere in has the wrath of god; he will become gentler and effective at things by means of slowness”.

Saturn is in his XII, which indicates he is his own enemy, retrograde, and contrary to sect, which means that Saturn is not in a good position. Ares, Mars, is trine to Saturn;

"... And if it should also be contemplated by Hermes and Ares, he will suffer vexatious prosecution on account of writings, and judgments and subversion or chicanery concerned with old affairs or those pertaining to death, and treachery, and whatever he will persevere in has the wrath of god; he will become gentler and effective at things by means of slowness."

Saturn in his X house of his Reuolutiones annorum, according to Ragel, has changed sign and is found in the X house, it means that;

“E para mientes en la Reuolucion del anno: si acaeciere en alguno de lo(s) anglos, significa bien e dignidat, e lo major de los anglos es el medio cielo en esto, que significa que aura Regno o sennorio

And if it should fall in the Revolution of the year, in an angle, it signifies good and dignity, and the best of the angles is the mid-coelum , which means Rulership or power.But Saturn is not strong in his Reuolutiones annorum, so my interpretation that he will retain that power, but will lose popularity and strength among the people. And having his VIII house in the MC, signifies death of his reputation and honor.

I believe, since Mercury is strong in his X house, that he will seek the counsel of a financial person or accountant, or an astrologer.

Everything indicates that his troubles will have to do with the economy of the US, and that we are looking at a much worse scenario than many may expect. I can foretell, that if he continues to pursue the health issue during the month of September, that he will not obtain what he seeks, that the marking of the week of the 28th. of September will be an uphill and most treacherous road to follow.

During the following two month will mark a moment of despair and grief for many Americans who will see their finances plummet and he will be seen as the one who has forsaken their destiny. The government, its laws will be of prejudice to the people, and the people will feel that they have been abandoned by the government.

Higher taxes will add to the rustics grieve; as unemployment continue to reach high marks, I predict that it should reach by year-end a 11% to 12% of unemployment. He will continue to awaken enemies such as those who have out spoken, and their voices will be heard without apologies. And he, will continue to show a lack of character and stance going back on what he promised.

All this was has been far in advances foretold, and it can only be seen as part of his destiny. When we look at the Libra Ingress and what the stars announce in Imprimatur Stellarum;
Dragon Tail in Cancer:

It denotes great mortalities and pestilences, sudden deaths, fornication and little or no justice, reason or honesty amongst men; the destruction of treasuries, and the flitting of great and noble men out of one place into another, also their sad condition and banishment through the works of their own hands, as writing, or some other things signified by the ingenious planet Mercury.
With the economy, it also foretells us;


We will continue to see the economy very precarious and people will see their wealth diminish. The Banks will continue to have economical problems, and those that have made big investments, will lose.

We can only hope for the best, but during these times, it is best to embrace family values, and our love ones, to insure we can withstand that which has been written.

[1] My Predictions are written in Oct., because I have to record the TV program in November to air in December.