Monday, June 28, 2010

The Moon Eclipse Following the Ingress Chart:

The ancients took a particular notice on the effects of the eclipses, especially if it proceeded a few days after an Ingress. The Cancer Ingress chart takes place on June 21st., and according to Masha’ allah;

“After this, look at the topic of an eclipse, if you knew that there would be an eclipse in that same year.”
The Lord of the sign in which the eclipse takes place, is Capricorn, and Saturn is in Virgo, peregrine, and in opposition to Jupiter, which is the Lord of the Ascendant. and square to Mercury.
According to the ancients, the Moon in Capricorn means;

“Brings frequent incursions and assaults of soldiers, robberies and captivities.”
Masha’ allah also tells us;

“It will be made angry”
In other words, because it is peregrine and in a malefic state, it will be worse off the affects upon the people it will influence.

The countries ruled by Capricorn are; Thrace which is Greece, and in 2009 it was the fifth importers in arms. India, we know its problems with Pakistan. Chorassan or Khurasan which is in Iran and it means “were the Sun arrives from”. Will this be the entrance of the attack. I would not be surprised, since the US has been aiding Turkmenistan with weapons for the last few years. Macedonia, Morea, Illyria, Albania, Bosnia, Marracan, which is in Africa, Punjab, which is on the borderline of Pakistan, also vulnerable to attacks, Bulgaria, Greece, Hesse, which is the state capital of Wisbaden, and close to Frankfurt and Afghanistan, which could see an additional increase in soldiers during the months of August and September.
I would not be surprised that we may see strong protest in the part of Germany, and continue to see protest in Greece.

Since the Moon is in the 10 degree of Capricorn and in the limits of Jupiter, and Jupiter is in a male sign, we can expect the death of men; these deaths can happen in Palestine and/or Syria, which are ruled by Aries. This Moon eclipse emphasis my predictions made in 2009, in which I warn about war, and I also mention this in my Libra Ingress, Predictions 2010 – USA and World Predictions;
“We will hear rumors about war and these rumors will increment during the month of July, and we must be watchful because the month of September these rumors can become true. Israel will attack Iran, Syria, or Palestine, A byzantine leader will die and his country will suffer calamities, all this will
happen between July and September. We will hear of more protest throughout the world and riots during the month of September and October.”
Abraham Zacuto also tells us;
“if the Moon eclipsed is in the sign of Capricorn it announces war in Africa, riots, and sickness will come to farmers, and harsh coldness, and hail.”
Once again we find Africa mentioned by another astrologer and he also concurs with my prediction;

“We will hear of more protest throughout the world and riots during the month of
September and October.”
Kusyar Ibn Labban’s “Introduction to Astrology” tells us;

"The earthly triplicity, which is Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, belongs to the quarter which is between east and south. Its countries are: the country of the Indians, (Punjab), the islands of the seas with all their different names, the land of Sind, (which is a province of Pakistan and is East to Iran), Makran, (which is North to the Arabian Sea; An earthquake?), Khurasan, Fars, (which is close to the Persian Golf in Iran. Another entrance of attack?), Kirman, the land of Hajar, (which is between Syria and Hejaz), Uman, the desert of the Arabs and the land of Yemen, (there is a particular interest in this area)."
He also continues to mention;

“If it is in one the bicorporal signs, (referring to the ruler of the sign of
the eclipse), it indicates influence in people and kings."
In my predictions I mention;
I am also curious about Paraguay, which is ruled by Cancer but it is in the Tropic of Capricorn. And Byzantium is also ruled by Cancer, which is in Constantinopla. So is this the other large earthquake we are seeing during the month of September.

The eclipse lasted about four hours, and that means that the effect of this eclipse will take place between mid August and mid September.

The Eclipse and its signification to the US:

The first week of October, the President’s popularity will drop considerably, and he will realize that all the efforts to improve the economy have not worked. The people will go against him. We might see a female family member die or sick, during that month. But the effect if the eclipse will be against the people and the hardship that awaits them, especially in the Western, Eastern and Southern part of the US. We will hear of strong cases of depression, chronic diseases, tuberculosis, diarrhea, quartan fever, fear and stubbornness.
We will see an attack against Palestinia, Iran or Syria within the following month, mid September nor later than mid October. A strong earthquake will hit a southern part of the world. It could be Paraguay, Greece or close to the Arabian Sea. We will continue to see riots, especially in Europe, Greece and possibly Portugal. Death will come to a world leader, a King or an important noble man, and we shall see the death of a Persian leader.
May the prayers avoid such hardship among the people.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Predictions 2010 – USA and World Predictions


As we approach the second half of the year, I would like to present the predictions for this period. These predictions have been written since May, and they cover events which should occur during the month of July through March.

I have learned many things since I started studying Mundane events from the ancients such as; Ali Aben Ragel, Abu Masar, Masha’allah and Guido Bonatti. I have also realized that the predications made on mundane matters differ a great deal from natal events, one being that they will not initialize during said period, but unfold during the course of time. The prediction made, in some instances but not all, can mean that during said period, the prediction starts to develop itself to a final outcome which may take place several years later. An example of this is my prediction made here in Imprimatur Stellarum;

“The Euro will decline, especially during the month of January, June, July and October, and we will hear of one or more European countries that will want to abandon the EU Agreement. [This does not mean that they will).”

Graphic display of decline of Euro

During these month, the Euro decline, and its continued decline commenced in December of 2009. I recall a comment from one of the forums, that this was unlikely, but the US Dollar, despite its problems, has become stronger.

The financial crisis that has hit the European Union has taken its toll on nations such as Germany, and expressions of separating from the EU, has been heard among political parties.

Facing a Financial Crisis, European Nations Put Self-Interest First
Published: October 7, 2008

“BERLIN — The global financial crisis has tested more than lending institutions, stock markets and the nerves of investors everywhere. It has put the bold notion of European unity under the microscope again, where critics say it once more has been found wanting…,

But over the past week as the crisis has radiated around the globe, some of the 27 nations that make up the European Union have broken ranks, opting in ugly disarray for self-interested policies to protect their own citizens and banks first.”

Because of the nature of the beast, mundane events will not necessarily take place during that same year, but is the initiation of the first steps towards the development of those events.

Other predictions which I also made in Imprimatur Stellarum have been;

“France, the young people will go against the government and we
will hear of riots and upsets.”

France braced for riots on day of protests against Nicolas Sarkozy
By Peter Allen in Paris
Published: 10:39AM GMT 19 Mar 2009

"Riot police were out on the streets in cities across France as a 'credit crunch' general strike looked set to paralyse the country."

“Spain will continue to have a downfall in the economy, unemployment will continue to increase”

At the time of my prediction, Spain was not as bad off, but as predicted, the situation has gotten worse.

“The death of a religious one will bring sadness to many.”

Oral Roberts, Fiery Preacher, Dies at 91
Oral Roberts, the Pentecostal evangelist whose televid faith-healing ministry attracted millions of followers worldwide and made him one of the most recognizable and controversial religious leaders of the 20th century, died Tuesday in Newport Beach, Calif. He was 91.

But these are just a few of the predictions that have been fulfilled. What about the future events?

Predictions 2010 – US Economical Turmoil:


The Sun in Cancer on July 11th. in the 2nd. Decanate;

“Dries up rivers and fountains, and stirs up incontinency and wantonness among women.”

But we will see an upset in the government during the coming months, the death
of an important man of state, among Royalty, nobility, or statemen.

The Moon in Gemini on Dec. 21st. in the 3rd. Decanate.

“The cause of death of some illustrious and renowned person.”

The national finance will be disturbed or a stock crash, or a Bank/s will be in trouble, or the closing of a lot of banks during the upcoming months. Changes in taxations.

The People:

The Ascendant reflects the people and it is in Gemini, and we are told by the ancients that much speculation will be made on divinatory sciences, about the study of the stars, about mans faith, and it will awaken philosophers, medicine and the study of math. Men will want to find refugee in these things and in art, and will want to uplift his spirit and to do things right administratively.

But we will hear of parents who will harm their children. Women will die, and those serving the states as police women will be more at stake. We will continue to hear about domestic violence, and it will be a bad year against women, especially in the North and NW region of the US, and the South and SE. All this, due to economical restraint.

Crime will continue to increase in the Mid Northern States and the NE States of the US.

The people will feel much uncertainty, depression will be high and the President will be highly criticized and will continue to lose popularity. But this will have very little effect on him. The Moon is the significator of the people and we will see how the people will lose their sustenance, and the remaining part of the year will be unfavorable, and unfortunate things caused by the pressure and weakness of their occupation, and the disappearance of their way of living, their wealth, and their occupation and weakness will come to their bodies and health, all caused by stress.

Many will die or will take their lives. We will see the people demanding an explanation and requesting that the truth is spoken and that the people know the truth of what goes on with the government.

People will flock back to the church seeking to find spiritual comfort and hoping to strengthen their position with God, and his name will be heard and they will glorify him. And this will be good for men, for faith and the seeking of spiritual strength is the only hope one has.

We will hear about the arrest of financial men, accountants and scribes who
have been in the eye of justice. Many will be known to us.

We will see a decrease in pregnancy, but this will not avoid that women
will fornicate and commit more adultery and she will seek to harm men.

Men will seek better wellbeing in other states, and they will move from one state to another. And all this will come about, because of the lack of a good life, high cost in medical care, food, and taxes. Only sadness, uncertainty and fights among men will be witnessed.

We will hear about students protest, government lay-offs in various states, lack of services and the closing of small companies and banks. Some States will witness protest by workers, especially during the month of September and October.

Trade and labor are unfortunate. Misfortune and gloom in the social life of the people and the upper class will feel unsatisfied.

Peoples Health:

We will hear about a high incidence in prostate or womb cancer, and colon cancer. Young people with a high incident in allergies or sinus problems. Death will come to men because of man.


Floods will be the main issue for the US, especially in the South. Agriculture will report great loses.


The month of September and December, is not a good period for the President, and security measures should be tighten, since more threats against him will be made. It will be a year of transformation in which he will be afraid for his security. His enemies will be men of business, financers or men of science. His hopes will be on improving the economy, but his efforts will not be met. He will continue to have strong opposition, as his popularity continues to decline. (More will be available in his Reuolutiones Annorum on President Obama). He will find many difficulties among his own party and they will obstruct or create obstacles or delays to his promises and the passage of legislation.

It is possible that the President will request the resignation of one who has to do with security or this person will reason for reasons of health.
Mundane Events:

We will hear rumors about war and these rumors will increment during the month
of July, and we must be watchful because the month of September these rumors can become true. Israel will attack Iran, Syria, or Palestine, A byzantine leader will die and his country will suffer calamities, all this will happen between July and September. We will hear of more protest throughout the world and riots during the month of September and October. But these protests will be stronger in Europe because of the austerity measures that will take place to improve their economy, and strong differences among the leaders of the EU will come about because of their differences on how to solve the economical problems.

During this same period we will hear of the death of a woman well known or a

France and Sarkozy will confront some difficult times during the month of
September and an allied will not be happy with the Prime Minister.

In Iran, we will see more protest from the people and death will come upon them.

We will probably hear of a strong and devastating earthquake in the West, during the month of September or October.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fourthcoming Predictions 2010:

As I start to accommodate myself to new living quarters, since I now live in Orlando, Winter Springs, (and if there is anyone in the area who would like to meet and get acquainted, feel free and drop me a note), I will be writing about the upcoming predictions for the month of August through February 2011. Not all seems to be going as well as it seems to be. In my upcoming predictions I will cover the possibilities of a war to start in June through September, the closing of more banks, the delusional economy recovery, the death of a king, and are we walking into an economical depression in 2011. The situation in Europe reflects that it will only get worse, and it will cause unrest and riots. This was predicted on my show, Revelaciones, in 2009. Another strong and devastating earthquake and strong tornados will devastate the South of the US.

My predictions, which have been written and recorded, on Puerto Rico have been so accurate, that I have had economist, Politian’s and businessmen meet with me these past weeks, just to get feedback as to the graveness of the situation. Puerto Rico is heading towards bankruptcy and the exodus of professional’s leaving the country is critical.

What about the President? I will also cover is role for the upcoming month. For those you know may be interested, just spread the word.