Saturday, January 29, 2011

Predictions 2011 - A World in Crisis

The forecast of world events, from an astrological point of view has always been regarded as a branch of astrology which is of most interest to the public. However, their prognosis, is still very difficult. This was completed in November, and made public through newspapers in December. Already many of my predictions have started to unfold.
The Ruler of the Year:

The Ruler of the Year is Saturn and is in the ascendant, Retrograde and the Moon separates from Saturn. The Ascendant represents the people, and the moon is the main signifier of the masses of the people and this means that many sorrows will befall people and misfortunes. The men of wealth will be unfair to the common people, and this will be mostly reflected in the work area. Therefore, increase of layoffs, and we will see protests against the companies.

Mexico: The Ruler of the Year for Mexico will be Mars, and this is indicative that many disputes will arise among men, and there will be an increase in the death of women or domestic violence. Men betray their partners, and disputes will arise against each other.

All this brings massacres, murder, blood-related diseases, deadly pains, many fights and conflicts. Rebels will rise against the president or his government, and leaders feel anger against his people. Pests are present in some regions. Corruption abounds, and the people will seek to dethrone the noble men of their "status".

The People:

US: Men will be seeking to move to other places, from one state to another, looking for better welfare. The elderly continue to suffer greatly from the economic havoc, as well as those frail physiques. Men will be involved more in sports, as a form of entertainment, and to improve their income and seek creative ways to achieve it. We will see an increase in marriage. No respect for law and those who make the law. We will see an increase in poverty in many parts of the U.S., but this will be seen more in the north and northwest and southwest of the U.S. We will see an increase in taxes, especially in those areas of the country.

The country will be in pursuit of knowledge, so listen to great advances in science, in medicine with respect to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, or operations in the brain. There will be a desire to write and we will hear of people who want to give wise advice. People will seek to distract the problems at concerts, dances, and fun. Therefore, these areas will be favored as a business opportunity.

We are likely to see riots in the eastern area of the U.S., or that this area suffered heavy losses and devastation. You may hear of the death of a respected judge. We see the destruction of churches, or individuals opposed to religion.

Mexico: The economic situation continues to deteriorate. The people will feel that the president's actions will be in there detriment and will bring them much loss of livelihood. Young people are the ones who will suffer most from the economic situation, resorting to other measures to meet their needs. There will be a lot of uncertainty, estrangement from family and death among them. The intelligent man will be delivered to their work and take care of their health. All in search of better economic issues, and spend less on the disease.

The president will want to increase taxes to the Mexican people. There will be an increase in the death of children, and many die from the lack or poor nutrition.

Puerto Rico: The people feel a loss of honor, as the employment situation continues to deteriorate, they will feel that the hopes will dissipate. All this will come by the continued loss of employment. The less fortunate and the elderly suffer huge economic damage, hunger, and lack of care. They will see an increase in taxes or in other areas to seek to alleviate the economic burden of government.

The man will be given to vices, gambling, looking to improve their income, there will be an increase in marriages between young girls and who wish to become pregnant. But adults will not want to marry and we will see a decline in marriages among adults.

There will be discord among men, they will be disobedient to the law and increase poverty among the population, as there will be shortages, damages, and deception by individuals. The man moves to the North and the Northeastern U.S., looking for better welfare. But the puertorriquens will be aware that there will be little opportunities and there luck will seem to drift away from the people. They will feel that their closest allied will go against them and they will be left in disrepair. He will be overtaken by great sadness and sorrow to see the crumbling of family welfare. There will be an increase in divorces, and many disagreements arise between husband and wife.


EU: For health, we will hear the main topics will be, kidney problems, lower back, the lumbar or sacrum. It will be a year that people will feel lost emotionally and resort to drugs to keep the trial. Household affairs or the concerns of "foreclosure" re-emerge, and this causes much sorrow in the population and are affected by depression. Winter will bring a bad cold, fever, and prolonged illnesses. But this emphasis is more on the Libra, Aries, and Cancers.

Mexico: The Mexicans will suffer pancreas problems and increased diabetes, liver and suffer from foot conditions. But all this will be more emphasized in those who are Piscean or those who are virgos. Fever abound among Mexicans, and we will hear of the death of good men.

Puerto Rico: An increase in diabetes will be significant over the coming months. Puerto Ricans will feel the economic pressures on the back, or lower back. There will be a lot of depression and people who seek seclusion.

It is likely that we will hear of the emergence of disease outbreak that causes fever and death among children, and this could be happening for the months July to September. The Department of Health and Hospitals will not be ready.

In the first months of the year, hear about the death of a statesman, a politician or someone famous or recognized in the country.


EU: We will continue to hear about job loss. You may hear of layoffs in airlines, in the mail or anything related to transport or communications. The next six months there will be various affected sectors such as agriculture, communications, transportation, areas of health, banking and investments, we will lose or the government will stop recruiting employees in the government. We are likely to see growth amounting to 10.5% from 12% of unemployed people in the country before the year ends.

Wages in many of the companies will be frozen, or we will see pay cuts, and/or decrease in property of persons.

We will hear of the uncover of a major fraud or financial scandals.

Mexico: The unemployment situation is not as severe, but what will be affecting more is the rising cost of living and the wages that are paid to the Mexican. In any case, you may see a growth in employment due to foreign companies wanting to locate there. There will be an increase in death from sickness.

Puerto Rico: Unemployment will continue to be rampant, reaching unseen proportions. It is likely that the island suffers from an unemployment rate of 18% or more before the year ends. The government will be at lost and will not find alternatives to the ailing problems and will feel at lost and idly without knowing how to cope. The people will suffer from shortages and even those who are working, feel that money will not be sufficient to cover their daily expenses. For those who maintain their jobs, they will not receive an increase in salaries nor bonuse. The government will be exposed and the deception and theft that have been perpetuated by the government or government sectors, such as the University, the costs of judges, and education all will be criticized by the people.


U. S. - The first six months will shortages in agriculture, we will hear of loss, and this will cause an increase in food prices. We are likely to see losses in areas like the Southeast and Northwest United States. The damage will ensue to crops by flooding problems.

Mexico: - The area’s most affected are the Northeast and Southwest of Mexico.

Puerto Rico: - suffer from severe floods and crop losses during the first six months, especially during the months of June and August 2011. The cost of food will be high, and there will be shortages on supermarket shelves.


We will see an increase in crime in areas such as North and Northeast U.S., will increase the percentage of scaling and auto theft or means of transportation also will increase.

Mexico: death befalls many young people will be involved in unlawful things, the increase in theft and shady deals are the order of the day especially in areas west and south of Mexico region. They may not have control over its borders and continue hearing about the death of soldiers or policemen. The areas of northeastern Mexico will be most affected by the crime wave.

Puerto Rico: The increase in crime will continue to be rampant, increase escalations, and the death of young men, we will continue to hear of the death of policemen. There will be a tendency for women to hate men, and look for children, and continue listening to the news of child abuse and shameful abuses will continue shaking the country. The east area will have many arrests, the crime wave that scourge. Continue the wave of abuse of women and men will be relentless in their pursuit of crime.


And cold winds come during the first months. Hear heavy snow storms, especially during those first months of the year. You may hear of an earthquake in these areas and in areas north of Mexico, eastern United States, and the area east of Puerto Rico.


The first three months of the year, rumors about the possibility of war, there will be tensions worldwide and is likely for March or April, June or September, the same is being given due to lack of diplomatic agreements. There will be no penalty, and many innocent people die in the process.

All this will cause worldwide turmoil and will be the beginning of what will happen in the future. Hear of rebellions, malaise and two leaders who incited the war. It is likely that a country moves from the hands of one leader to another, the humiliation of a leader and his drop in rank. Hear of the misfortunes of some deputies. There will come a war that will cause hunger among the people, fears, and epidemics that are destructive to the people.

Jupiter is in opposition to Saturn in Aries Solar Income for 2011, which announces war, and being in Aries, since it is a fire sign and it is a day chart, the war comes from the east. Saturn is in Libra, retrograde and represents the north east, and is in poor condition. As shown left by ancient South Korea will be the one to initiate war, and North Korea is the country that is afflicted.

If we take the Solar Income Capricorn 2010 in Pyongyang, the ancients gave us the following warning;

"You must look to the Ruler of Midheaven to see if it is below its burning rays entering, that represent the king's death ... And if the signifier of the king was found with a planet VIII House, or House VII , from his opposition or square, is fear for the king's death during that year ... if the signifier of the King is entering combustion in that year, the king of that region will die in that year. "
The fall of rank could be the son of Kim Jong Il and North Korean unification with South Korea. All this will happen at a great price.

When war broke out?

Although I see four possible dates in my predictions, (March, April, June or September), I lean more towards March, and days which are not favorable are from 18 to 29.
We will hear about the uprising of the people, especially during the month of April in different parts of the world, but especially in Europe. It is likely that by the end of March or April we hear about the death of a political leader. April and May will be an asset with an increase in the death of soldiers, heavy rains, strong winds, and probably an earthquake.

Power struggles come from areas such as India, Syria, and there will be major conflicts in areas such as Arabia, Germany, Russia, England and France.

Latin America:

We will hear of protests, and as some countries will go against their leaders. The people will feel that scarcity increases, and will suffer because of damage crops, while all this happens, very little will the leaders care for their countries. The eastern area of America is likely to suffer an earthquake. But some countries will continue to be strengthened economically, while the people suffer from increases in taxes.