Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tiger Woods – Venus Quandary Position

The surprising allegations of the soft spoken, angel face and sports superstar, Tiger Woods has taken a different stroke, as the world continues to hear about his “incident” as a womanizer. What? The lean and golf machine is a womanizer? And where did we miss the boat? Does this surprise you? Well, from an astrological point of view it should not, since his chart is quite clear of his inclinations.

Here is what Bonatti has to say;

“It signifies that the native will be unyielding toward women, not living with them well, and he will make much use of low-class and foul and unsuitable women, and many harms and inconveniences will follow from thence, and he will hardly or never marry, he will pursue it with difficulty and complications, and because of it he will concur many contentions and quarrels and on the occasion of those contentions, many unlucky things will happen to him, and he will fall suspcious of his wife.”

And Dorotheos of Sidon;

“If Venus is in the house of Mars or terms, then he will be one of those in whom greed and evil quarrels are stirred up and injury, and this misery will reach him from women, and he will have intercourse with a women not his own, but one who is subservient or disgraced or a serving girl, and a women will not be constant with him but it will confuse him.”

We have heard that he has seen prostitutes and waitresses, and who knows what else. But his stars certainly fit the picture. Vettius Valens goes on to explain that that his Saturn trine Venus will make the native promiscuous. Umm; Would 13 lovers make one promiscuous? I guess that would be somewhat relative to some.

Venus is in the bounds of Saturn, and according to Masha’allah ;

“he will find headache due to women, and he will seek and take for a wife a talkative woman, one liable to anger, proud and insubordinate.”

Liable to anger, proud and insubordinate? Does that explain her outburst? Of course it does, she ran after the guy with a nine iron, and it wasn’t with the intention of taking a practice swing in the middle of the night.

What does the future behold for Tiger?

His profected year falls under Cancer, and the Moon which is his Ruler for the year is in Sagittarius.

Masha’ allah tells us when the Moon is in the bounds of Saturn;

“he will find a lawsuit because of women and his offsprings”

Is this the beginning of stormy waters? His Moon is opposition to Mars, which is in his XII house of his profected year, and this tells us that a hidden enemy will besiege him and will want to hurt his work. His Moon in the VI house of his profected year augurs that he will make haste decision about in his work, and this will cause upset. This is not a good time for him having away from the tournaments.

His X house profected year we see his honor, and it is in Aries, and Mars rules over Aries, and this means that much contention and lost will befall him.

His Moon is in his third quarter, and this augurs he will lose a lot of his substance and wealth.

What about his marriage?

Well, when we look at the atasyr, Venus will be conjunct his Mars between the month of February and March, and this, if he does not handle his affairs well, could mean the beginning of an ardent divorce. What her lawyers will demand from him will not come easy, and much delay will be seen, as far as the coming of a final settlement. So his divorce will probably take place some time in April 2011.

When will Tiger return to the course?

I believe he will start giving some indication of returning back to the game sometime in March/April, but he will begin playing no later than June/July.

I do not see that this will take a big toll from his game, he is an excellent and competitive player, but this will only be possible if he can overcome his depression.