Wednesday, May 27, 2009

USA Review of Events

What has happen in the last few weeks. Well we did not see the stock market crash, bad prediction on my part, but that happens when you look at the wrong chart.

“We will see the US during this same month reaching out to its enemies, and they will also try to strengthen their relationship with their allies.”

The Chavez handshake and exchange of smiles stirred up some concerns, and bowing to his King of Saudi Arabia, and agreeing to provide nuclear technology, sure lets us see his ties with his allies.

Unemployment will continue to increase, and it will get much worse during the summer until September. We will see long lines of people looking for social help.

Sure enough, unemployment is still on the rise, and no indication that it will slow down.

Let us see what happens with this particular issue under his administration. But GM will go under.

GM bankruptcy would be risky, but looks likely Bondholder deal’s failure, Chrysler’s success seen raising chance of filing

Over the next few weeks, General Motors is expected to reach anothermilestone in its storied 101-year history: bankruptcy.

Well, it has not happened yet…, but I am close to the prediction. But what abou
t this one;

Governors will be obligated to increase tributes, and this will cause anguish and sickness among the people, especially those States that are in a bad situation such as; Puerto Rico, and California.”

This is all we are heaqring throughout the country. And one last prediction made…, I should have looked at Mexicos chart;

Mexico will have a terrible year, women will be the one who will most suffer, and the government will have a hard time communicating with the people. Death of many children, the people will feel abandoned by the government.

This is why I have decided to change the name of the blog page to Imprimatur Stellarum, “So it is written in the stars”.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pestilence and Famine - A Short Discourse on How to Foretell Events

Are we at the brink of an Apocalypse?

For centuries, man has suffered from pestilence and famine, but nothing has been more devastating than war among men. Far from reaching a point of Apocalypse, and then maybe, not too far, but for other reasons, the subject on pestilence and famine has awakened an interest in many astrologers because of the swine flu in Mexico. Although we may have various ways of approaching, from astrological point of view, we know that the ancient’s sages have written down, how to foretell the arrival of such events.

I am sure many would prefer to think that God has sent down his rage upon man for his sin’s and wickedness behavior, so was the thought of many church goers that need justify what has already been written in the stars.

The swine flu that has occurred in Mexico can be first looked at, by reviewing the 2009 Ingress chart for Mexico City.

Abu Masar tells us when Pisces is in the Ascendant;

“.., and exemplary punishment among the people; that illness comes to them; [1]

Therefore, the initial chart already announces that illness will come to the people of Mexico.

Ali Aben Ragel also mentions when to foretell sickness and epidemics;

“Determine the Ascendant of the Year and the Ascendant of the conjunction or the opposition which is produced prior to the entrance of the Sun in Aries. Then, if these two Ascendants and the Moon were free from malefic and fortunate and the luminaries were oriented to the ruler, or to the luminaries that are the Ruler of time, it means that this year will be free of popular sickness, and other things.

However, if the Ruler of both Ascendants, and the Moon and the Ruler of the conjunction or the opposition, all equally or the major planets are unfavorable, it means that epidemic and death. Moreover, this will be determined according the strength of the unfortunate and according to the nature and the position in which they are found[2].”

The Ascendant of the year is in Pisces, and Jupiter in unfortunate and weak in the XII house. The luminaries; Moon is in the XI house in his sect, but in an earthly sign Capricorn, which is her detriment. The Sun is in his exaltation, in the II house, but he is out of sect, so he loses strength.

The ruler of the Ascendant, Jupiter, nor the ruler of time, Sun, have aspect among them. So we can conclude by looking at the first chart, that they will suffer an epidemic, however, since Jupiter is in his own terms, and in his house, we could conclude that it will not be of major proportion.

Therefore, we then proceed to look at the syzygy Moon, which occurred on March 10, 2009, New Moon in Virgo and the Moon is in conjunction to Saturn, and in opposition to the Sun in Pisces.

Masha Allah tells us about the conjunction of the planets;

“The conjunction of the planets signifies the accidents of this world and its matters, which are thus to be considered at the time of the higher and lower planets…,

If however they were conjoined in feminine signs, they will signify pestilence and of the death of animals

The Ruler of the Ascendant is Libra, Venus is in the VII house, Aries, and in opposition to the Ascendant. He does not aspect the luminaries, once again, announcing the epidemic and death among the people.

It is interesting to note that the signs of the swine flu are; similar to that of the regular flu, including fever [Venus in Aries], (usually over 38.5 degrees C or 101 degrees F), runny or stuffy nose, cough, sore throat, aching body, headache, chills, fatigue, diarrhea, [Moon and Saturn in Virgo] and vomiting.

The Outbreak of the Swine Flu:

We already know that the outbreak was reported late march[4], according to various sources. Can we determine the outbreak astrologically?

Yes, when both luminaries became conjunct, the New Moon. This occurred on March 26, 2009, at the end of March when it was reported.

Will this be the worse?

I believe more death will come to the Mexican people, due to bad weather, such as rain and floods during a later part of the year.

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[2] Ali Aben Ragel El Libro Conplido de los Iudizios de las Estrellas Vol 8 Chapter 31
[3] Masha Allah On the Roots of Revolutuion Translated by: Dr. Benjamin Dykes Works of Sahl and Masha Allah
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