Friday, April 22, 2011

Prediction On The Royal Wedding

It’s one of the most anticipated weddings of year, the Royal Wedding of Prince William of England to journalist Kate Middleton. Traditional astrology can evaluate from different astrological perspective, the fate of this young couple, and how their marriage will turnout.

In the past, the royalty would have an astrologer who selected the best time to perform the wedding, not to mention that in India, it is customary to evaluate the chart of both natives in order to see if they are compatible or not.

In the case of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the prince's chart shows that they have little in common, but look good as a couple. The prince tends to attract more of a conversationalist and a woman with a lot of initiative, but his ideal woman is a reserved and quiet, much like his mother. She on the other hand is more sure of herself and reflects more confidence than him, while he will turn out to be her worst enemy, pretending to being what he is not.

One of the first observations that I make is the position of Venus in the chart of Prince William, located in the terms of Saturn, and that is indicative according to Massah Alah; 

“If you will be in the terms of Saturn, he will suffer from headaches due to women, and look and take as a woman, one that speaks much, one to bother about anything, proud, and some subject, to be older than him .”

This configuration is the same as the golfer Tiger Woods, in other words, it is likely that she will not be obedient, and will defy him and will want to impose her position.

The Lot of Marriage is Aquarius, and although his Ruler Saturn, is in its exaltation, it shows us that there will be differences of opinions on bringing up their children, or his outings with other women, some may be friends
of her or known to her. These problems will become accentuated because he will have little patience with her.

By 2013, they will be announcing the arrival of the baby or having their first baby during that year, that is, for late 32 or early 33, but this does not help to improve their relationship, on the contrary, and for 2014 the difficulties will continue intensifying for them. We will hear by the end of 2016 or early 2017, Kate Middleton is moving out of the residence.

Wedding Date:

On April 29, the Moon is peregrine, in Pisces and waxing which reflects that there will be no strength in the beginning of their marriage and their love will wither away. Fears will be awakened by Kate Middleton, as her private affairs will reach the public.

The Ascendant in Leo, the outputs of Prince Williams will be visible and this is what causes the problems of the couple.

The couple's personal problems will begin to be reflected during the years of 2014, when we will hear rumors of their separation.  Initially, he will not be willing to part with her, during the period of controversy, but this should come about sometime in 2018, when surely we will hear about their divorce. Most likely their divorce will come about sometime around his 36th. or the start of his 37th. years of age.

(This article made all the major latin newspaper this week)