Monday, February 21, 2011

Title Did Not Fall Short: A World in Crisis

The last few weeks have been intensive, as we look at the events that have been shaking the world. When we look at applying Mundane events through astrology, the ancients left a series of rules, when followed, would help delineate the events that would unfold.

In my predictions of 2011, I titled these predictions as; “A World in Crisis”. The title does not fall short of the events that have been occurring, but most surprisingly is the fact that we will commence to understand that the situation in the US will only become worst.

Despite my prediction on world events;

Power struggles come from areas such as India, Syria, and there will be major conflicts in areas such as Arabia, Germany, Russia, England and France.
I did not take a look at these countries per se, to determine what kind of problems, nor when these would occur. (I have a full time consultation practice). But it is undeniable, that the events are there, and we should expect to continue to see more events of this kind occurring throughout Europe and Latin America.

Latin America:
We will hear of protests, and as some countries will go against their leaders. The people will feel that scarcity increases, and will suffer because of damage crops, while all this happens, very little will the leaders care for their countries. The eastern area of America is likely to suffer an earthquake.
But that is not all;

I have been consistent in mentioning that the economy will worsen, this despite the fact that we have heard that the economy is getting stronger, that unemployment has not gotten worse, and that companies have agreed to employ more people.

When we look at the outlook of things;

• Congress discriminatory budget cuts.

• In-Pass between Congress and the President.

• The President’s own budget cuts

• The rise of oil.

• States increasing taxes.

One can begin to understand why the course of these predictions will take place. This, without mentioning, the possibility of another war taking place in the upcoming month in Korea.

We will continue to see protest, but not only in the Arab countries, but elsewhere, like in the US, Latin America and Europe. 2011 will be remembered as one of upheaval, but few will gain the objectives desired.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What has come about: 2011 Predictions

It is interesting to see how destiny unfolds itself and how the alignment of the stars anticipates mundane events. Although I am far from being an expert in the material, understanding that I have not grasped the full knowledge that the ancients have left us, and that there are techniques, yet unknown to me, plus the Grace of God that allow men to foretell the future with the necessary wisdom and humbleness to communicate as prophets, I dare delve myself in these matters, with the only intention to the greatness of His writings.

Already, some of these predictions have come about;

Puerto Rico: The people feel a loss of honor, as the employment situation continues to deteriorate, they will feel that the hopes will dissipate. All this will come by the continued loss of employment.
Puerto Rico: Unemployment will continue to be rampant, reaching unseen proportions. It is likely that the island suffers from an unemployment rate of 18% or more before the year ends. The government will be at lost and will not find alternatives to the ailing problems and will feel at lost and idly without knowing how to cope.
The government reported a 17% unemployed, the highest ever, and it continues to worsen.

Puerto Rico: The increase in crime will continue to be rampant, increase escalations, and the death of young men,

During the first month of January an all time hign, 111 assassinations, 37 more than last year.

US-And cold winds come during the first months. Hear heavy snow storms, especially during those first months of the year.
During this month a snow storm has hit the US, from Dallas, Texas to Boston, Mass.

Power struggles come from areas such as India, Syria, and there will be major conflicts in areas such as Arabia, Germany, Russia, England and France.

Egypt and Tunisia part of the Arab world, are foreseeing an upraise of protest against the government. We will continue to see this during the upcoming month. As far as Egypt, I am afraid de Mubarak will not hold on to power much longer, and the events will continue to escalate. When the Moon reaches the terms of Mars in a fiery sign, which will be within the 17 and 19 of February, it is most likely that he will no longer be in power during these dates.

We will see what happens.