Monday, October 15, 2012

The Demise of the Presidency 2012:

It is somewhat concerning that many astrologers, modern and traditional, known and unknown have Obama winning the elections, with the exception of my good friend Steven Birchfield who uses the Ingress to determine the elections and has mentioned that Mitt Romney will win the elections.
I use a different method; I look at it as if it were a fight or the initial of a war.  So I take a look when the first battle takes place.
The elections kick-off at midnight at Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, which I have used during the last two elections and you could read the results of 2008 here; ( ) and I look at it just as William Ramesey in Astrology Restored Chapter IV, which says;
Of Going to War, or beginning of Differences and Duels, Quarrels, Law-Suits, Controversies and the like.

"Learn thou this, that the Ascendent, and its Lord, and the Planet or Planets therein, or in conjunction or Configuration with the Lord thereof, or in aspect with it, are to signifie him or them who begin the quarrel or controversies, the seventh, Lord thereof, and Planet or Planets therein, and in aspect therewith, or with the Lord thereof, or conjunction with him, the other, or contrary party."
But I also use Teofilo of Edessa, which has an excellent work on horary and judging battles and here is what we find.
Elections 2012:
The chart of New Hampshire shows us that the Ascendant, which represents the Republican Party, Romney is in Leo, and the Sun is in the IV house in sect. The VII house is represented by the Democratic Party, Obama and it is in Aquarius ruled by Saturn. Well Saturn is the natural significator of black men, and the Sun of important men, so I would believe that the chart is already providing us with some insight of who is who.

The Moon is the universal significator of the people, and it is separating from Saturn who is in the IV house, and will apply to the Sun. Now the Moon is peregrine, weak, which indicates the people are not happy with either choice.
Teofilo also tells us that if the Moon is in the Asc., that the campaign will continue until the very last minute.

He also mentions; “If the Ruler of the VII is in the IV he cannot defeat his enemy.”
William Ramesey’s tells us; “But have special care he be not in the abject part of heaven, viz the fourth or in the seventh, because then he is disposed by the enemy, or as it were intrapped or environed by him; neither let him be in the eighth or in combustion or retrograde, nor cadent, or any otherwise debilitated; neither in reception or aspect of any planet thus afflicted”.

The Lot of Fortune:

The Lot of Fortune, has been known, to be an indicator of prosperity in the native career. It has also been understood, that if the Lot of Fortune is in good condition, the relationship that the native will have socially will be good and successful, but if it is in a bad state, then the native will suffer and will not have the prosperity or the social well being that she/he pursues.
Vittius Valens states some very interesting considerations about the Lot of Fortune pertaining to the “physical” the “reputation” and as a potential “hyleg” of the chart.
“The Lots of Fortune giving or taking over in prospering places, with benefics present or testifying, indicates good fortune and advancement, actions and reputation and setting matters aright and the fulfillment of expectations…,”
Valens uses the word “advancement” and “fulfillment of expectations,” and one must ask; is this not what a ruler would have at the time of “coronation?”  I would have to say that this is an indication of what a ruler would aspire to achieve during his reign, “the fulfillment of that expectation.”
Other ancient authors write about the Lot of Fortune, such as Abu Ali Al-Khayyat, who explains in his book Judgements of Nativities, a brief outline on how this is reflected in a natives chart.[1]  He presents us with what the effects and indications of the Lot of Fortune in the twelve houses will be, but I find this a simplistic form of indicating the usage of the Lots, and have found Valens extensive use much more helpful.
Another astrologer that uses to a great extent, the Lot of Fortune, is Firmicus Maternus in his “Matheseos Libri VIII” and he tells us[2];
The Part of Fortune shows the quality of life, the amount of inheritance, and the course of good and bad fortune.
Now this part of “good and bad fortune” is important since it already delineates the fate of the native. Moreover, if we were to look at the chart of ascension, one would definitely have to look at the Lot of Fortune to determine the “good and bad fortune” that the ruler would have.
Vettius Valens also defines the Lot of Fortune in a unique way that provides us with an understanding of its importance[3];
“The Lot itself will possess the power of the horoskopos, that of life; the tenth zoidion from this, the power of the Midheaven, that of reputation…,”
This is extremely important in understanding why the Lot of Fortune plays an important role in the ascension of the king, since it will bestow in a prophetic sense of the word, his term in rulership, it becomes his hyleg in the chart.

Vittius Valens also defines in his chapter of: Concerning the Lot of Fortune and of Spirit in Relations to Happiness and the Prevention of Actions[4] the following;
“Whence the Lot of Fortune and the Spirit will have much power over the imposing and turning back of actions.”
Is it not the ascension of the ruler, an action in which what takes place is a role in which his reputation and power is determined by the circumstances that lead him into that position?
I believe it is an action of reputation and power, which possess the power of the horoskopos of that of life or term in government.
If we take what Valens tells us, the Lot of Fortune becomes the essence of fate of he who will become the ruler, and as such, can and will, determine the outcome of his term, if we were to look at it as if it were the hyleg.

POF Determining the Length of the Ruler:

What I have found most fascinating is the fact that Ali Aben Ragel uses the Lot of Fortune very interestingly, nowhere else in astrological treaties is this mentioned by other sages. (That I am aware of.) It is a simple, and yet a profound way of looking at a chart, with abundant information about he who ascends. If we look at the definitions, I have presented by the ancients, and how Ali Aben Ragel uses the Lot, one will see the close relationship that this has with what Firmicus Maternus and Vittius Valens have said.  I guess we could say it is somewhat logical.
Ali Aben Ragel in his “Complete Book on the Judgements of the Stars[5] tells us how to determine the length of his reign;

“Quando quisieres saber el aturamejento del que Regna, toma del sennor de la exaltacion de la parte de la fortuna fasta la parte mjsma, e lo que oujer entre ellos, da a cada signo unn dia i unn mes o unn anno.”

Barak Obama:

He was sworn in on January 20, 2009, and his Part of Fortune is in 14 degrees Pisces and 46 minutes, his Lord of Exaltation is Venus, and she is in 17 degrees Pisces and 47 minutes. They are only 3 degrees apart. Ali Aben Ragel tells us;

“When you want to determine the duration of he who will reign, take the ruler of his exaltation of the Part of Fortune, to the same part, and calculate what is between them, and give to each figure a day, or a month, or a year.”

Three degrees would give us either 3 days, 3 month or three years. Well we know he will be in office for four years, but I would have to ask the following question;
After the Republicans won in Congress, can we actually say that Obama has ruled over “his kingdom” as if he had wanted? I believe not, and his presidency is coming to an end.
Other Predictions By Well Known Astrologers:

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