Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Israel attacks Gaza

After having read a few emails about Pluto being in Capricorn and Mars conjunct…, well it all sounds all right, but this can be easily explained from a traditional point of view. Of course it is always easy to speak about a Prediction after the facts, but I could not resist the temptation to contradict the Pluto effect.

If we look at the Ingress Chart Israel of March 20, 2008, which is a fixed chart, meaning it is good for the whole year. The Asc. is in Taurus and Venus is exalted in Pisces in the XI house. The people of Israel are pretty well off this year. But if we look at their neighbors, Palestinians, the III house, we see that they are not well, and Mars, significator of war, is also in the III house in fall, square the Sun, representing the Prime Minister of Israel in the XII, not well intended. The VII house of open enemies is Scorpio, and Mars is in the III house of neighbors, in fall. The New Moon in Capricorn happens to be in opposition to Mars in Cancer, conjunct Mars in Capricorn. That New Moon is what activates the complete ordeal.

Ali Aben Ragel also tells us that if Mars is square to the Sun, that their will be war, and disobedience to the “king”, and he will lose his kingdom. [He will probably lose the elections]. Does anyone know if it is April? He also tells us to look at the Sun and count how many houses is Mars from the Sun, and he is in the IV from the Sun, you can determine the reason why they fight. Land?

Ali Aben Ragel also tells us; “Mars in the III house shows that their will be no association between them, they will be envious and enemies among each other.” The Sun in the XII house; “the people of this region will be hated by Kings and the people will be harmed and will have a heavy burden.”

When will it finish? I believe it will end on Jan. 10, when the Moon is Full in Cancer. This sounds like an awful long time, considering the oppositions the Israeli are getting.

I also believe that the current party will lose the elections, and the attacks on Gaza will be the turning point for Israel to have a bad year 2009.

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  1. On the 10th UN requested a ceasefire. Israel agreed for the first time, that they would allow a 3 hour window. This does not constitute a prediction perse, since a complete ceasefire was exppected. I still feel I missed something here, but it is interesting that a ceasefire did take place, but was not permenant. More work has to be concluded.