Wednesday, May 27, 2009

USA Review of Events

What has happen in the last few weeks. Well we did not see the stock market crash, bad prediction on my part, but that happens when you look at the wrong chart.

“We will see the US during this same month reaching out to its enemies, and they will also try to strengthen their relationship with their allies.”

The Chavez handshake and exchange of smiles stirred up some concerns, and bowing to his King of Saudi Arabia, and agreeing to provide nuclear technology, sure lets us see his ties with his allies.

Unemployment will continue to increase, and it will get much worse during the summer until September. We will see long lines of people looking for social help.

Sure enough, unemployment is still on the rise, and no indication that it will slow down.

Let us see what happens with this particular issue under his administration. But GM will go under.

GM bankruptcy would be risky, but looks likely Bondholder deal’s failure, Chrysler’s success seen raising chance of filing

Over the next few weeks, General Motors is expected to reach anothermilestone in its storied 101-year history: bankruptcy.

Well, it has not happened yet…, but I am close to the prediction. But what abou
t this one;

Governors will be obligated to increase tributes, and this will cause anguish and sickness among the people, especially those States that are in a bad situation such as; Puerto Rico, and California.”

This is all we are heaqring throughout the country. And one last prediction made…, I should have looked at Mexicos chart;

Mexico will have a terrible year, women will be the one who will most suffer, and the government will have a hard time communicating with the people. Death of many children, the people will feel abandoned by the government.

This is why I have decided to change the name of the blog page to Imprimatur Stellarum, “So it is written in the stars”.

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