Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fourthcoming Predictions 2010:

As I start to accommodate myself to new living quarters, since I now live in Orlando, Winter Springs, (and if there is anyone in the area who would like to meet and get acquainted, feel free and drop me a note), I will be writing about the upcoming predictions for the month of August through February 2011. Not all seems to be going as well as it seems to be. In my upcoming predictions I will cover the possibilities of a war to start in June through September, the closing of more banks, the delusional economy recovery, the death of a king, and are we walking into an economical depression in 2011. The situation in Europe reflects that it will only get worse, and it will cause unrest and riots. This was predicted on my show, Revelaciones, in 2009. Another strong and devastating earthquake and strong tornados will devastate the South of the US.

My predictions, which have been written and recorded, on Puerto Rico have been so accurate, that I have had economist, Politian’s and businessmen meet with me these past weeks, just to get feedback as to the graveness of the situation. Puerto Rico is heading towards bankruptcy and the exodus of professional’s leaving the country is critical.

What about the President? I will also cover is role for the upcoming month. For those you know may be interested, just spread the word.

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