Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Korean Show-of-Force:

The conflict of North and South Korea has managed to put the world on check mate once again, because of the implications this could bring to the world. If we look at it from an astrological point of view, this is what we could predict.

The date and time of the initial “fight” tells us a lot about what can happen. The conflict began sometime in October, but the actual provocation of war began on November 23 at 14:23, in Korea. The aggressor, North Korea, is represented by the Ascendant, which is in Aries, and the defender is in the VII house, which is in Libra.

When we look at the Ascendant, Mars, which is the ruler, is in a fiery sign, Sagittarius, candent, and aspects a superior sign, Jupiter in Pisces, a water sign, which is in the XII house, and in opposition to the Moon, in Gemini, an air sign. Could we deduct that this was an air strike with the objective to hit what was ever in the water? It’s always easier to predict after the fact, so I will restrain myself from doing so.

The VII house is in Libra, and Venus, the ruler of the VII is also in Libra, and accompanied by Saturn, which is in its exaltation, and Venus is trine aspect with the Moon, and conjunct the Lot of Fortune. This indicates that Venus, the opponent is strong and has support from its allies. While Mars does not. In other words, South Korea is in a much stronger position, while North Korea acted somewhat hastily.

But this could be to general an assessment, and one must look at the Moon, since the ancients all agree that the Moon, for any election, should be taken into consideration, and she should be in her exaltaltion, or dignified when a decision to attack is made. And according to Teofilo de Edessa[1];
“If the Moon is in Gemini, with aspects from a benefic, the aggressor will withdraw, without achieving their objectives.”
The Moon receives a trine from Venus, and a square from Jupiter. This could mean that an agreement will be reached, but after the fact. If war is declared, it will be swift;
“A wanning moon produces liberation of the place attacked. If it is going from the descendant to the MC, applying to Venus and Mercury, it indicates the liberation of the city.”
This may come about by mutual agreements, but with difficulties or after the facts, since the Moon aspects Jupiter by square. But they will not reach an agreement, since Teofilo continues to tell us;
“If you should find the ruler of the Ascendent applying in favorable condition to the ruler of the VII house, you could predict that they will reach an agreement.”
This is the case; Mars and Venus do aspect each other.  So an agreement will be reached somewhere between November 28th, and December 4th..
It seems that North Korea will be assisted by China, who will insist to back down from any further confrontation. In the agreements, it will be to the benefit of South Korea, which will end up with the upper hand.

If the hour in which it all began is correct, this will not escalate any further than it already has. If an agreement cannot be reached, then the dates between the 6th and 9th of December are an indication of war, and the hour was wrong. I believe this may have started at 9:00 am or earlier, and this would not be beneficial to South Korea.  We shall soon find out.

[1] Translation by Eduardo Gramaglia Teofilo de Edessa

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