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The Chronicle of a Future Announced - The Ascension of Obama:

This article was originally written in Spanish, January 26, 2009 in Interpres Stellarum blog, which is intended more of a newsletter for my clients who subscribe to Interpres Stellarum. The original title is called “La Crónica de un Futuro Anunciado,” or The Chronicle of a Future, Announced I have added in this essay, The Ascension of Obama.

I believe that this is but a short delineation of what can be expressed as to how the presidency will be seen. I am sure, there are many out there that have much more to say about this particular chart.

I have added some new information, but I want to thank my friend Steven Birchfield, which without his guidance, I would not have completed this discourse. Any errors are my responsibility.

So here, I begin my discourse, on the Ascension of Obama

The Ascension of President Barack Obama attracted a great amount of people than any other Presidential ascension. The atmosphere was loaded with emotion, joy and enthusiasm, for several obvious reasons. First, the first Afro-American that obtains the presidency of the United States, which brings us to a second point, the hope that the racial situation is going to change and that these changes incorporate greater social justice for the different ethnic and social classes.

Third, an economic change that will put the United States in the correct economical course and stoping the increasing wave of unemployment, which at this moment harms the American nation.

And, and not less important, the relation of the United States with other nations.

Never in the history of the United States has so much hope, been put in a single man, as we have seen in President Barack Obama. The entire world, in its majority, is hopeful, that President Obama will achieve all that he has promised.

It is interesting to note, that diverse divinatory practices, such as, Santería, Espiritismo, and many astrologers, have also expressed that this is the year, and that certainly, Obama will bring the wished changes. However, will he bring those changes?

This essay, from an astrological point of view, has the intention to evaluate the ascent of President Obama, and reveal, what I understand is, indicated in the stars. In addition, I will make an analysis of various Presidents and will try to prove that the calculations made are accurate.

For President Obama, I will use various Ingress Charts, his Solar Returns and his Ascension Chart to determine his length in power. You could also visit my various predictions here in Imprimatur Stellarum.

I would like to clarify, that I am using only traditional methods, my astrological delineation, are based, solely on traditional studies that date from II Century AC., until XIII Century, medieval time. I do not use modern methods to reach the conclusion at which I arrive.
The Ascent of Barack Obama:
President Obama, oath was at 12:00 p.m. in Washington DC. Although he had to return to administer another oath, the Constitution of the United States says that the elected President will take power after the 20 of January, at 12:00 p.m. Therefore, the second oath, is not really taken into consideration, since the constitution makes way to his ascension.

His Ascendant is Taurus and his MC Aquarius both in a fixed sign, and according to Sahl, he says;

“And if the benefics aspected the Sun, and you found the Lord of the Ascendant, and the Sun in optimal place from the Ascendant, and he, were in a fixed sign, his principate will be prolonged, and he will see what he wants in it.[1]

Venus is in the XI House is in an optimal place, but contrary to sect and in opposition to Saturn, and the Sun is in the X, but not strong, so we can say that he will partially achieve his goals and that his principate will not be prolonged. The Ascending sign is in a fixed sign, Venus is in her exaltation, but she losses her strength, because it is contrary to her sect, She is also in opposition to Saturn, that is very malefic. So we can judge the following;

· The First House represents the people, therefore their expectations are high, but being contrary to its sect, the people find themselves losing hope, or at least, not all is fulfilled.
· The Moon is also significator of the people, and she is in Scorpio, which is indication that the people will suffer affliction, and there will be no regard to justice or truth. There will be much anger, bitterness, and contention. Agrippa tells us that nothing should commence under a bad Moon, the Moon is peregrine, in her fall and Void of Course. But she is also decreasing in light, and Firmicus Maternus[2] tells us that those who have wanning Moon will lose what they have accomplished in life.
· The Moon always is the significador of rustics, and it is in its fall, in the sign of Scorpio, and this is indicative that people will be in a bad state, we will see increase in taxes, and a lot of contention.

Sahl also indicates that there are eight defects or bad indications for the Moon, and one of them are;

· Second, if the Moon is in the degree of its downfall, (which is Scorpio)…, and continues to add.., These are the aforesaid defects of the Moon and her impediments, under which no work should be undertaken, (that is, while the Moon is so, any work should not be begun nor praised in a nativity nor in foreign travel).[3]

· Saturn is in opposition to Venus and he is retrograde, and Saturn rules the X house, which represents the “King” or in this case, the President, and he moves away from the promises made to the people. The President will bring bad news to the people.

And Masha’allah also tells us that if the significator of the king is retrograde;

· “they signify the loss and weakness of the king and of the citizens of that same kingdom[4]

In the X House we have the Sun, which is also the significator of the President in Mundane Astrology, and he is placed in the figure of Aquarius, his detriment, and it is curious, because he is in opposition to President Obama’s sign, Leo. This is indication that he will do contrary to his nature. The Sun is conjunct Jupiter, which indicates that the native is intelligent, that he will be well esteemed, dominant, tyrannical, and according to Dorotheus, he will achieve high rank.
Mercury is also in the X House, retrograde, but in his own bounds, and Masha’Allah tells us;

“If Mercury were in his own bounds, he will be high, and will have an official position in a place where they write compositions, and he will always be spending his time on a foreign journey. He will never be a pauper, he will have a great name, and he will be a member of the court, and will seek the sciences.”

He definitely started traveling a lot to foreign lands, but being Mercury retrograde, he will lose all that he has accomplished, there will be sudden alterations, he cannot return to his virtues, and since Mercury is under the Sun, it will destroy all that has been accomplished.

Sahl tells us;

“A retrograde planet signifies disobedience and contradiction, and turning back and taking back, and diversity or discord. [5]

Saturn in Virgo:Saturn is not in a praiseworthy place, since it is in Virgo, retrograde and it is an indication that his administration will be corrupt, and he will be disliked by his own people. When we look at the Libra Ingress chart of 2008, Mercury, the ruler of Virgo is afflicted, conjunct Mars, and this is an indication as to how his administration will be like.

If we took the Part of Fortune, which is in XI House in Piscis, his ruler Jupiter, is combust and in aversion, and according to the ancients, the condition of people during the term of Obama will be weak and will be impotent. The exaltation of Piscis is Venus, but she is contrary to sect, and in opposition to Saturn, and this diminishes the strength of the people. So one can conclude that the people will receive during the initial half of his term, the benefits, and the later half will be malefic to the people.

If we evaluate the Lot of Spirit of the chart of his ascension, we can evaluate the intention of his thoughts, as President. Being in Cancer, its Ruler the Moon is in fall in Escorpio, in VII House of contention, which is indicative that he will be secretive, and he will have no honor in what he does, and his true intentions are corrupt. Mars is in opposition to the Lot of Spirit, which emphasizes his bad intention, and that he will have little advancement and will stay short of his expectation, and he will attract danger towards him.

But there is much more, if you wish, just look at the 2009 Astrological Predictions for the US

Obama’s Chart:

Its year of profection is in House XII, and although Saturn is in Capricorn, it is contrary to his sect and it is retrograde, but this is an indication that he will be well known and will be put like king. The subjects that stand out during this cycle have to do with confinement, jails, hospitals, and hidden managements. We have seen as the subject of Guantánamo has been one of the first objectives that he has made, but: What happening with Guantánamo?

Mars is in the VIII House, Virgo, which makes Mars more hostile and it is interesting to note that calculating the years of progression, in two years, Mars will be in the terms of Saturn, and according to Masha allah;

“. , and poison or toxin will be toasted to him.., and he will find a lawsuit in his old age; and he will go to places from which malice will arise.. ,[6]

Sahl also gives us indication of a malefic in the VIII House:

“and if a malefic were in the same place (VIII House), their evil will be mde much greater.[7]

This will happen when he becomes 50 years age, that is in 2011, when he is still President. It has also caught my attention that in his natal chart, Saturn is in Capricorn in the XII, trine Mars in Virgo in the VIII house, and in his ascension chart we have Saturn in Virgo in the V house trine Mars in Capricorn in the IX house. In both charts, Saturn is retrograde.

Ali Aben Ragel in his “Complete Book on the Judgements of the Stars[8] tells us how to determine the length of his reign;

“Quando quisieres saber el aturamejento del que Regna, toma del sennor de la exaltacion de la parte de la fortuna fasta la parte mjsma, e lo que oujer entre ellos, da a cada signo unn dia i unn mes o unn anno.[9]

“When you want to determine the duration of he who will reign, take the ruler of his exaltation of the Part of Fortune, to the same part, and calculate what is between them, and give to each figure a day, or a month, or a year.”

This particular explanation is not written anywhere else, such as, Abu Masar’s work or Masha’allah nor Bonatti. So one is hesitant to apply this technique. But when I looked at John F. Kennedy’s ascension[10] this is what we have;

The Part of Fortune is in Cancer 6 degress and 24 minutes, his exaltation Lord is Jupiter, which is in 18 degrees Capricorn and 40 minutes. This gives us 170 degrees. Ali Aben Ragel tells us to use a day, a month or a year. There is no mention of weeks, so do we assume that weeks are not used, or was it a mistake in the translation or an oversight. If we look at the distance between one sign and another, we are either looking at 6 days, 6 month, or 6 years.

Well, we know it was much more than that. So I apply weeks to each degrees, and I come up with 170 weeks, his length of Presidency. He was assassinated in 148 weeks of his ascension.

Note: POF is afflicted in his ascension chart, conjunct Mars, and Mars is in his VIII House natal, but POF is also in opposition by figure with Saturn and Jupiter.

Looking at his natal chart and the Ingress chart for 1963 we find some interesting aspects. His Mars is in the VIII of his natal chart, and the Moon is trine from the XII House, both Mars and Moon are contrary to its sect, and Mars is conjunct Mercury, and Vittius Valens tells us about the conjunction;

“it produces enemies, accusations, opposition, and treason”

But Sahl also remains us that evil will be made much greater, and Mars being in Taurus, in his detriment, Masha’allah reminds us that malice will arise. Mars falls into the VII House of open enemies in the Ingress chart of 1963, and afflicts the Ascendant and the Moon by opposition.

Mashá . allah tells us about the luminaries representing the king, the Sun by day and the Moon by night, the Ingress is a nocturnal chart and the Moon is afflicted by Mars by opposition.

So, is this sufficient proof? Well let us look at Jimmy Carter’s ascension;

He was sworn on January 20, 1977 and his Part of Fortune is in Taurus 28 degrees and 11 minutes, his Lord of exaltation is the Moon, which is in 15 degrees Aquarius and 00 minutes, which gives me a total of 96 degrees, and POF is 4 figures away. President Carter was only President for 4 years or 4 figures.

Note: His POF is not afflicted

Ronald Reagan:

Sworn in on January 20, 1981 and his Part of Fortune is in 18 degrees Scorpio 35,he has no Lord of exaltation but his ruler is Mars, and Mars is in 16 degrees Aquarius 21 minutes. He is four figures away. His first term was 4 years.

Note: During his first term there was an assassination attempt, March 30,1981, his POF was afflicted by Mars, square separating. POF is in the bounds of Mercury and is conjunct Mars. Luminaries are afflicted in the Ingress Chart 1981, Mars is conjunct Sun in Aries, and Moon is conjunct Saturn in Libra. Jupiter is besieged by Saturn in it exaltation and by the Moon. Was this the planet that saved his life? Was it the omen forecasted by the “astrologer” that he should have a precautious year?

George H. W. Bush:
Was sworn in on January 20, 1989, and his Part of Fortune is in 29 degrees Libra and 58 minutes, and his Lord of Exaltation is Saturn. His POF is four figures away from his Exaltation Ruler, Saturn, his term was only 4 years.

Note: POF is not afflicted, but is cadent, and in the bounds of Mars, his administration was known to have commenced the Panama war, and the Persian Gulf War.

Bill Clinton:

Was sworn in January 20, 1993, and his Part of Fortune is in 20 degrees Aries 38 minutes, his Lord of Exaltation is the Sun, and he is in 00 degrees Aquarius 39 minutes, and they are 3 figures away. His first term was 4 years, but we can apply the (+ / - ) 3 degree rule, and we would have 4 figures away.

Note: His POF is not afflicted, but it is interesting to note that his Mars in his Ascension chart is in the III House, in Cancer, and during his first term, he had the Travelgate controversy, which is the III House signification.

Obama Ascension:

He was sworn in on January 20, 2009, and his Part of Fortune is in 14 degrees Pisces and 46 minutes, his Lord of Exaltation is Venus, and she is in 17 degrees Pisces and 47 minutes. They are only 3 degrees apart. Ali Aben Ragel tells us;

“When you want to determine the duration of he who will reign, take the ruler of his exaltation of the Part of Fortune, to the same part, and calculate what is between them, and give to each figure a day, or a month, or a year.”

Three degrees would give us either 3 days, 3 month or three years. Well in April, during Obama while Obama was still in France a Syrian man with fake press credentials was arrested in Turkey for attempts to plan an assassination. This was exactly 3 month after the inaugural.

If we apply three years, we would find the following;

When looking at his progressd Mars is in the VIII House, Virgo, which makes Mars more hostile, it is interesting to note that in two years, Mars will be in the terms of Saturn, and according to Masha allah;

“. , and poison or toxin will be toasted to him.., and he will find a lawsuit in his old age; and he will go to places from which malice will arise.. ,[11]

Sahl also gives us indication of a malefic in the VIII House:

“and if a malefic were in the same place (VIII House), their evil will be made much greater.[12]

According to Firmicus Maternus;

“Mars in House VIII at night the native one will be intelligent, ready, and surrounded in many dangers. They will be surrounded in public activities, but it will undergo a violent death, or a sudden death..,[13]

His profected year will be Mars, and his VIII House will be ruled by Mars, and Mars in his chart is his Killing Planet.

When we look at the Solar Return of that year, 2011;

His Ascendant in his natal chart is Aquarius and it will move to his VIII house of death, Firmicus calls it the “Gates of Hell” the “Unfortunate House,” since no planet rejoices in it except for the Moon in a nocturnal chart. His VI House is in the Ascendant of his Solar Return, informaties and also known as the “Temple of ill-omen” by Manilus, the house of “bad fortune.”

And his Mars, which is in the VIII house of his natal, is now in the Ascendant of his Solar Return, in Cancer. Mercury, which was in the VII House of open enemies, is now aspecting Mars in sextil by the III house in his Solar Return. But we also have Saturn which is square to Mars by figure, and they will apply before each leaves their figure in the chart in there Solar Return. Concern of a family member will arise during this year.

Another interesting point during his profected year according to Vittius Valens[14] is what he mentions during the distribution of the year;

“If the Horoskopos should give over to a malefic, it produces the worst time, especially to Kronos by night and Ares by day; for it brings on bodily dangers and irregularities of life, fears and very troublesome accusations, falls and injuries.”

His firdarias for 2011 will be Venus/Mercury and it is a nocturnal chart;

“But if his nativity is nocturnal, he will spend much of that which he had managed; he will be overcome by his enemies, they will tread him under foot, and he will flee from them; many troubles will happen to him, and illnesses in his body because of bad food or digestion.”

Ingress Chart 2011:

Masha’allah has some interesting indication about the king, (President), and he speaks about when the significator of the king is going to be combust. In the Ingress Chart of 2011, there are two possible significator of the king, one would be the Moon, which has testimony with the Lord of the Year, but foes not have testimony with the Sun nor the MC. We then look at Jupiter, and Jupiter has testimony with the Luminaries, in this case the Moon, and he also has testimony with the Lord of the Year, Saturn. Jupiter will go combust, and according to Masha’allah;

“If the significator of the king is going combust in the revolution of the year, the king of that region will die in the same year.[15]

But even if we were to take the luminaries as significator of the king, and since the chart is nocturnal, the Moon is conjunct Saturn, and the Moon is Lord of the X house, the king.
Saturn also aspects the significator of the king, Jupiter, by opposition, and Masha’allah also indicates the following;

“Therefore, look at the hour of that signification from the time of the significator and the malefic. And likewise, if a malefic aspected the significator of the king from opposition or the square, or from the conjunction, it will be feared concerning him..,”

Who are is enemies?

Masha’allah has some very interesting pointers;

“Look at the malefic who aspects the significator of the king. If it aspected him from out of the sign in which the king had testimony, the enemy will be from his land..,”

Jupiter has no testimony with Libra, for she is in opposition in Aries.

The opposition signifies enemies, who have rich lands, buildings, stock market or large investments and are looking after their own interest.


In the case of President Barack Obama, if we use the rules that Abu Masar provides us with, in his “On Historical Astrology,” he says we must watch the moment of ascent of President Obama, and as Saturn is Eastern of the Sun, we add the degrees of Saturn to the Sun and added the degrees of the Sun to Jupiter. A year for each 30 degrees occurs, which gives about 133 degrees in total. Since Jupiter is afflicted, we divide the result between two, and it approximately gives about to 2 years and 3 month.
It is a year in which precaution should be taken, between the mid 2011 and April of 2012.

My intention of this discourse is to apply traditional methods that will help validate our studies in the art of predicitions. By no means am I predicting or do I want his death, God protect him, but to delineate the course of the following years in his life, and that he may be careful in his intentions and actions.

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