Friday, July 23, 2010

3 Large Quakes Hit Southern Philippines:

Three large earthquake have taken place in the “Southern” part of Phillippines. Although I would have liked to be more precise, I did mention that the large earthquake would happen in the Southern part of the world.

“A strong earthquake will hit a southern part of the world. It could be Paraguay, Greece or close to the Arabian Sea.”
Although no damage was reported, I believe that another will follow shortly which may be devastating. What does call my attention is the fact that volcano activity is relatively high, there are reports that three Russian volcanoes, Sheveluch, Klyuchevoskoy, and Karymsky are at code Orange. I have also heard that Watch Pagan, Mariana Islands and Irazu, Costa Rica volcanoes are also very active. Pagan volcano is at code Yellow as unrest continues to develop.

Let’s keep our prayers active, as the stars continue to unfold. Imprimatur Stellarum – So it was written in the stars.

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