Thursday, July 29, 2010

More on: The Chronicle of a War Announced

Recent expressions by the past President of Cuba, Fidel Castro, and know the Iranian President Ahmadinejad assuring that a plot is being worked out to attack not only Iran but two other countries. These expressions are just part of the unfolding of the stars.

Ahmadinejad: US and Israel plot wars within three months
DEBKAfile Special Report July 27, 2010, 2:23 PM (GMT+02:00)
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Muscle-flexing by accusing America

DEBKAfile's Iranian sources quote President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as saying: "We have precise information that the Americans have devised a plot, according to which they seek to launch a psychological war on Iran. They plan to attack at least two countries in the region within the next three months," he said, without specifying which countries were the subjects of the alleged conspiracy, only hinting that America's senior military ally in the region, Israel, was directly involved.

But the US have also expressed their point about the war;

Ex-CIA chief Hayden: Military action against Iran "seems inexorable"

DEBKAfile Special Report July 25, 2010, 10:41 PM (GMT+02:00)
Former CIA Director Michael Hayden
Iranian President mentions three countries. Recent news information,from Israeli sources, express that President Obama has expressed concerns over Palestinians refusal to sit down and talk to Israelis. My predictions indicate that a war could also be against the Palestinians.

Obama Warns Abbas: ‘Start Talks or Else’Natural gas could lead to new Lebanon-Israel warThe Iranian President expressed that all this could take place in 3 months.

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

A secret 36-page memo based on Obama administration statements indicates that the president warned Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to start direct talks with Israel or risk losing American support for the recognition of the PA as a country.

Is Lebanon the other country;

Jul 27, 3:30 AM (ET)

BEIRUT (AP) - The discovery of large natural gas reserves under the waters of the eastern Mediterranean could potentially mean a huge economic windfall for Israel and Lebanon, both resource-poor nations - if it doesn't spark new war between them.

The Hezbollah militant group has blared warnings that Israel plans to steal natural gas from Lebanese territory and vows to defend the resources with its arsenal of rockets. Israel says the fields it is developing do not extend into Lebanese waters, a claim experts say appears to be correct, but the maritime boundary between the two countries - still officially at war - has never been precisely set.

Ex-CIA Director Michael Hayden said Sunday, July 25, that during his tenure (under President George W. Bush), a strike was "way down the list" of options. But now it "seems inexorable" because no matter what the US does diplomatically, Tehran keeps pushing ahead with its suspected nuclear program.

Talking to CNN's State of the Union, Gen. Hayden predicted Iran would build its program to the point where it's just below having an actual weapon. In his view, "That would be as destabilizing to the region as the real thing."

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