Monday, January 26, 2009

The Economical Delusion of an Astrological Reality:

I have been meaning for some time to address the economical issue from an Astrological Mundane position. I mean, with all the bailout plans that we are hearing, the optimism in which the people have deposited in President Barack Obama, one would think that some change will take place, but this is unlikely. Why?

Well, we can see it from the point of view of the economics.

The US faces a challenging reality, they are in a grave recession, being the country with the largest debt and dependent on foreign capital to sustain its economy. The federal government alone operates with a deficit of 1 trillion annually. And if you add some additional goodies, (Medicare, Social Security), the amount is staggering, 60 trillion dollars.

Does one have to be an astrologer to predict what is going to happen?

Not really, but let us do so anyways. If we take the Aries Ingress chart for 2009, we see that the money from the commoners is in the II house, which is in Taurus, and Venus is in the I house. The people want to keep hold of their money. But it is in Aries, in detriment, out of sect, and retrograde. The lost of money or how it diminishes value.

Mars, the ruler of the Ascendant is in the XII house and Ali Aben Ragel tells us that this means that there will be much crime and assassination and that much harm will come to the people and there will be much dispute. Having Mars peregrine and out of sect, just worsens the situation. Therefore, will crime rise due to the lack of money or wellbeing?

The Ruler of the XII house is Jupiter, and Jupiter is in the XI house, house of hopes and groups, but she is in Aquarius, not strong and if we look what are they are hoping for, jobs, Saturn is in Virgo in the VI house, peregrine and retrograde. More loss of jobs most likely, in the automobile industry, communications, newspapers closing, and transportation. We should be hearing of this sometime in May. All this will bring discord among family members, especially among fathers and sons.

We should embrace ourselves for a very challenging period, which will be; May, June, July and August. Be prudent, and tell our loves ones to take one day at a time.
It’s interesting that John F. Kennedy, in one of his speeches referred to the word crisis and what it meant in mandarin. He said that it was made of two characters, one meant danger, and the other meant opportunity. Let us look beyond the danger and see what opportunities lay ahead.

However, this brings us to another stoical question. Are we living in a freewill world or is this destiny, which unfolds the raft of Tykhe, bearing us from all fortune. I will leave the answer to you. But beware, the Moon trine to Saturn brings false judgment.


  1. Thanks again for an insightfull article, David. Alas, I might say, I am happy to find that classical astrological practice (and comprehension of the world) is not "a priori" incompatible with news-giving that never makes it to main-stream news.
    If you have about 2 hrs to spend (and you should!) the following link explains very thoroughly the origin (and purpose) of our monetary crisis:
    Enjoy, or run away, as you may see fit for yourself!

  2. Thanks Herman.., I have seen the video, I would prefer to run away..., if only I could. I am glad you enjoyed the article, thanks for writing and sharing your thoughts.