Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Euro Currency – Will it continue to show weakness?

In my initial 2009 Predictions, I mentioned that;

“The Euro will decline, especially during the month of January, June, July and October..,”

Here is what we know so far about what is going on with the Euro;

Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) -- The euro fell for a fourth day against the dollar before a European Union report forecast to show producer prices declined in November, bolstering the case for the European Central Bank to cut interest rates. By Stanley White

With the commencement of the new Czech EU Presidency, a new slogan was implemented with the three E’s; “Economy, Energy and Europe, Europe without barriers”. Will the EU Presidency be able to continue its strong hold on the European Economy? According to the chart, it should be the least affected, although each country will have its own taste of recession.

But my prediction for the month of January, the initial tendency reflects that this month will not be easy.

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