Friday, January 16, 2009

Prediction Foretold? - T. Geithner, chosen for Secretary of Treasury under fire

“His Secretary’s will have bad luck and one that is close to him, the one of state, will be obligated to resign. But they will all suffer misfortune and will feel unlucky.”

Once again, President elect Obama has another secretary which has not had the “luck” expected. As I noted in my past article, Prediction Foretold? - Richardson quits as Obama's Cabinet pick, his secretary would not be well off, and this has been the case with the choice of Timothy Geithner, Secretary of Treasury.

Timothy F. Geithner, President-elect Barack Obama’s choice to be Treasury secretary, failed to pay tens of thousands of dollars in federal taxes and also faces questions about the immigration status of a former household employee..,”

Will the saga continue? Wait and see…,

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